Terms and Conditions - Share: South Australia’s Collaborative Economy Challenge

1. About Share

Share: South Australia’s Collaborative Economy Challenge (Share) is seeking initiatives that respond to the question:

How can we create value, or address a pressing social problem, by using existing idle or wasted resources (e.g. assets, products/goods, information/data, expertise, space, etc)?

Share will seek to unlock idle or wasted assets and resources in South Australia to create economic or social value through new initiatives.

People can take part by submitting an idea for an enterprise or initiative that is based on sharing economy principles.

A prize pool of over $100,000 is available for the best ideas that meet the eligibility criteria and these Terms and Conditions.


2. The Sharing Economy

2.1     Definition

For the purposes of Share the following definition applies:

The sharing or collaborative economy is a system that unlocks the value of existing idle or wasted resources through marketplaces or networks. Founded on trust, it matches people with a ‘need’ to people with a ‘have’ (a resource), generating additional social, economic or environmental value.

Resources include: assets, products/goods, information/data, expertise, space, etc.

Idle or wasted resources exist in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Share is seeking ideas that use resources from any of these categories that create either economic, social or environmental value.


2.2 Original and innovative ideas

We’re looking for innovative ideas. All ideas must be original and the Entrant must have all necessary rights to submit the idea. The idea may be an improvement on another party’s existing design; however, it must consist of substantial new, original elements and only these original elements will be considered when being judged. Any existing ideas must be clearly denoted.


3.   The Judging Process

3.1 Phase One – Submission phase

Share is open for submissions until 5:00pm, Tuesday 13 June 2017, Australian Central Standard Time. Entry is via the online submission form located at share.yoursay.sa.gov.au.

In Phase One we are inviting people to take part by submitting ideas for enterprises that are based on sharing or collaborative economy principles. Ideas must be submitted by the nominated closing date. Late submissions will not be accepted.

All submitted ideas will initially be screened by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet for eligibility. To be deemed eligible:

  • The initiative will be delivered within South Australia, using existing South Australian based resources. 
  • The idea appears to be using sharing economy principles (this criterion will be further assessed and confirmed by the Expert Judging Panel).
  • The Entrant has a current, registered Australian Business Number (ABN) or is willing to obtain one.
  • The Entrant has approval to submit the Idea (when under the age of 18 or when submitting the idea on behalf of an organisation).
  • The idea is received within the timeframe stipulated on the Share Terms and Conditions.

All ideas that are deemed eligible and pass the screening process will subsequently be judged by the Expert Judging Panel against the merit criteria.

During this time, Entrants may be asked for further supporting material to assist the Judges' assessment. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to provide any additional information to the Panel within specified timeframes and in a format that the Panel can access.

The Panel will use the outcome of this assessment to shortlist the best ideas to select Finalists.

Finalists will be invited to proceed to Phase Two.

3.2 Phase Two – Development and winner/s selection

Finalists will progress to the development phase of Share. In this phase Finalists will be supported to further develop their idea. This could include refining the idea or business case, developing a prototype or proof of concept.

In October 2017, finalists will pitch their refined/developed idea to compete for the prize/s. The criteria by which the prize/s is/are awarded will depend on the final prize pool but could include the following:

  • Assessment and selection by an Expert Judging Panel
  • Selection by a public vote
  • Selection by an organisation/individual for ideas that meet specific prize criteria.


4. Prize Criteria

The criteria that will be used to determine the merit of ideas in Phase One of the judging process are:

  • Technical feasibility of the idea
  • Potential for implementation, sustainability and scalability
  • Application of collaborative economy principles
  • Potential direct value (or equivalent) created (economic, social, environmental, etc)
  • Potential indirect value created (impact or benefit of the initiative in the medium to long term)
  • Ability to create ‘generative’ rather than ‘extractive’ economic value to South Australia
  • Business model competitiveness
  • Be original and innovative (See Clause 2.2).
  • Clear identification of the resources required for the implementation of the idea

In addition, to the above merit criteria, to be eligible to receive a prize, an idea must be selected by the Panel as a finalist. Furthermore, the Entrant will be required to enter into a legally binding grant agreement with the Government of South Australia.

There are a number of criteria that may be used to determine the winner/s in phase two of the judging process, such as:

  • Alignment with a specific issue/topic
  • Outcome of a public vote
  • Outcome of a merit assessment by an Expert Judging Panel.


5. Expert Judging Panels

Expert Judging Panels will be convened in Judging Phases One and Two. Judges will have expertise in business, entrepreneurship or innovation or other areas to assess submissions against the criteria. Membership of the expert judging panels will be finalised based upon the types of ideas submitted and may be determined by the technology or solutions proposed. The Phase One and Phase Two panels may have the same or different members. The Panels’ decision is final.


6. Eligibility

6.1 Who can enter?

The Challenge is open to individuals or organisations with an idea for a collaborative economy initiative to be delivered in South Australia that uses existing idle or wasted South Australian-based resources.

NB: Although not strictly required for the submission phase, Entrants will be required to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be a legal entity with which the Government of South Australia can enter into a grant agreement if they are selected as a finalist or winner.

6.2 Who can’t receive a Prize?

  • Applicants based outside of Australia.
  • Applicants unwilling or unable to establish an ABN.
  • Members of the Share Expert Judging Panel, the project’s partners or any organisation that has been contracted to deliver services in relation to Share and has a potential conflict of interest.
  • Public Sector employees involved directly with Share.
  • Advisers engaged by the State for the purposes of Share.
  • Any person who may be reasonably expected to have an unfair advantage through access to information concerning Share.
  • Any person or organisation who interferes with the entry or judging processes.
  • Entrants aged under 18 years of age who do not have parent/guardian approval.
  • Ideas that do not meet the Prize Criteria.
  • Shortlisted Entrants that do not enter into a grant agreement with the Government of South Australia.

6.3 Conditions of entry

To be able to enter Phase One of the challenge, the idea must meet the eligibility criteria (as stipulated in section 3.1)

The conditions of entry for Phase Two will be advised following confirmation of the prize/s.


7. Deadline

All ideas must be received by no later than 5pm on Tuesday 13 June 2017, Australian Central Standard Time.


8. Notification of Prize

All Applicants will be notified via email of the outcome of the following stages of assessment:

Phase One

  • Eligibility screening
  • Judging panel’s merit criteria assessment.

Phase Two

  • Winner/s selection.


9. Abandonment

The State reserves the right, where it is reasonable and necessary, to abandon the Share Challenge at any time or to alter these Terms and Conditions or advertised prize pool.