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SpacetoCo shows space availability, online booking, automated receipt generation and 2-way reviews. SpacetoCo allows both Hosts and guests to login, complete a comprehensive profile, and communicate directly with each other (in-app messaging).
Users can search for spaces by location, space use, price, number of attendees and amenities. Hosts enjoy flexible pricing options, daily availability, booking request email notifications, a history of their activity, and public user profiles.

How the this idea will be delivered

Business Model
It’s free for a Host to list on SpacetoCo. It’s also free for the public to discover the list of Spaces. Each time a transaction (or booking) takes place, SpacetoCo receives 15% of the booking price.

This 15% is divided between the Host (5.5%) and the Spacer/User (9.5%).
On a $100 per hour booking:
The Host receives $94.50 ($5.50 Host Fee applied).
The Spacer is charged $109.50 ($9.50 Spacer charge applied)

This fee structure keeps the costs simple and transparent. As the Host lists their space, they can see exactly what they will earn, and what the Spacer will pay.

Our strategy for implementing SpacetoCo and increasing market share centres around the types of spaces we could target. This strategy allows SpacetoCo to scale on the back of our Host networks.

City Councils
The process for hiring of halls, parks and facilities can be cumbersome. By working with local Councils and converting internal processes over to online bookings, SpacetoCo can create enormous reach into communities.
Public schools are encouraged by government policy to share their resources with the immediate community. With all three co-founders previously working in education, our understanding of this market and reach into school administration/decision makers cannot be overlooked. Schools are, by design, strategically placed in the heart of communities and have amazing facilities that sit unused for a quarter of the year.

Influencer Space Hosts
By working with Hosts (who have large customer bases) and developing ‘Marketing Packs’, we can help increase the awareness of the space as easy-to-book, along with SpacetoCo as a preferred space searching platform.

SpacetoCo is built on the premise of the sharing economy. We own no space. We merely enable the booking and usage of it in ways that were not conceivable a decade ago. We have strength in these areas:

Community focus
The ability to ‘discover local’ is a goal for SpacetoCo. We want people to experience something they did not know existed, close by. We can do this by connecting with spaces in the suburbs/regional areas e.g. schools and community halls. Co-working for example, usually operates under the mindset of ‘traveling to the city centre’. We want to disrupt the idea of a city commute.

Variety of space use
SpacetoCo is interested in enabling the sharing of space for more than just events and work.

Curation of spaces
SpacetoCo does not curate spaces. We actively promote the organic listing of spaces by hosts. We’ve leveraged web design to make even the most simple of spaces look appealing.

How this idea will create value

SpacetoCo reduces administration costs associated with the rental of space. General enquiries relating to space availability and pricing will be streamlined and automated to better reflect public buying patterns.

SpacetoCo can generate a new economy for short-term space rental. This can empower property owners to supplement their income by leveraging their greatest asset. SpacetoCo’s biggest impact is likely to be in the residential market, where little, to no economy, exists for short-term space rental.

The majority of activities, particularly during the working week, revolve around visiting the same locations. As the public begin to appreciate that work can be completed in a range of different locations, small business and enterprise may find sharing space a more viable method of accommodating their workforce.

SpacetoCo will help strengthen community ties, allowing people to search for local activities and venues. The interactions between neighbours as they share and use local space can increase connectivity, create closer knit communities, and generate great social respect.

As the public begin to share and use space that exists within their local community, it can lead to a reduced need for transport - both private and public. Particularly during the working week, the reduction in travel time can increase productivity, and lead to reduced congestion into major city centres. Overall, this could have an impact on reducing pollution and benefiting the environment.

SpacetoCo could also influence current and future building and community design, allowing communities to increase the use of underutilised spaces.

How this will benefit South Australia

As a team, we were amazed to come across the South Australian Share Challenge, and specifically this statement from the website: “The sharing or collaborative, economy is a system that unlocks the value of existing idle or wasted resources through marketplaces or networks.It matches people with a ‘need’ to people with a ‘have’ (a resource), generating additional social, economic or environmental value. Share is encouraging ideas that use idle or underused resources in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors.” This statement reflects the core message of ‘why’ SpacetoCo exists as an idea, and perfectly aligns with our values as a startup business.

SpacetoCo is all about connecting people who have space, to people who need space. We believe all communities in Australia can benefit from utilising the resources close to them. SpacetoCo can have an enormous impact amongst every community within South Australia and beyond.


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SpacetoCo is a sharing economy website for the listing and hiring of short-term spaces. From venues to boardrooms, gardens to tennis courts.