Connecting Up to Shared Assets


This platform will give the disability sector more affordable options. It will help to provide better experiences for South Australians living with a disability and improve service delivery outcomes for disability organisations looking to adapt to meet the pressures of the NDIS.

How the this idea will be delivered

Connecting Up will create an online platform to support the sharing of specially modified vehicles for the disability sector. This would enable the rental of an asset owned by one company to another disability service provider.

The platform would be highly automated with the aim to build new capabilities in both asset suppliers and users.

Organisations would be connected to the disability asset sharing community. They would be able to both rent assets or post assets for hire.

The hire prices would include insurance, roadside assistance and fuel.

This platform would be built and piloted in Adelaide as part of the Share Challenge. The solution is targeted to disability sector looking to change the way organisations manage their transport needs to produce a different outcome; reduced costs or new income options.

This solution is targeted for the disability sector in South Australia and will take a pilot approach to test and refine a minimum viable product.

Connecting Up’s key activities would be the design, development and management of the technology platform and algorithm development plus the marketing to balance supply and demand.

Our key partners include:
- large organisations with idle transport assets
- small – medium disability focussed organisations that would pilot the service
- technology developers
- modification businesses and specialist rental firms
- independent living centres

Customer relationships will be nurtured via our existing helpdesk services with the aim to be highly automated.

Cost considerations include development, hosting, marketing and PR, payment distributions and staff salaries.

Income streams include monthly subscription options, pay per ride changes and booking fees and insurance brokerage for reducing excess.

Scalability – this business model focuses on the rental of a specialist disability transport asset owned by one company to another organisation / service provider. There is the potential to scale on a number of fronts: firstly by enabling a company to rent assets to an individual or primary carer. Providing affordable opportunity and freedom to the community directly.

This model could expand into other sectors such as aged care with ease and cover other types of vehicles. For example, some customers expressed the need to reduce and reimburse costs of car usage to attend regional workshops and meetings.

The platform could be extended regionally and Australia-wide.

The model may also be adapted to enable shared ownership of assets; crowdfunding to buy new assets, moving towards a distributed ownership model.

How this idea will create value

Connecting Up currently provides technology services to over 19,000 not-for-profit organisations across Australia. We presently work with over 120 customers that provide specialist disability services in South Australia (More than 1400 Australia-wide).

The SACommunity database, managed by Connecting Up, has over 4,000 entries listed for Health and Disability services highlighting a large potential customer base.

This platform would save disability organisations substantially by distributing the costs of asset ownership and maintenance. Rental costs could be incorporate into NDIS packaging options and ultimately give the sector more options and better prices. By providing easy access to previously unaffordable assets, we can create opportunity and freedom for smaller service providers, and an income stream for those with assets.

How this will benefit South Australia

The platform would help to provide better experiences for South Australians living with a disability.

This idea will improve service delivery outcomes for disability organisations in the state looking to adapt to meet the pressures of the NDIS.

The successful implementation will continue to promote South Australia via our national and global network as a leader in social innovation and the sharing economy.

Connecting Up propose to co-create a solution to this complex social/economic issue that impacts the sustainability of not-for-profit businesses and the quality of life of those in our community living with a disability and the people that support them.


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An online platform to help organisations in the disability sector to share their special transport vehicles.