Here you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have a question about the Challenge you might find the answer here. If not, email us at and we'll try to answer your question.

The Challenge

What is Share: South Australia's Collaborative Economy Challenge?

Share is a challenge seeking to find new initiatives to build South Australia’s collaborative economy. We want to unlock the value in idle and underused assets and resources in South Australia, and encourage initiatives that use them to create economic or social value.


What is the collaborative economy?

The sharing or collaborative, economy is a system that unlocks the value of existing idle or wasted resources through marketplaces or networks.It matches people with a ‘need’ to people with a ‘have’ (a resource), generating additional social, economic or environmental value.

Who can submit an idea?

Who can submit an idea?

Ideas can be submitted by anyone living in Australia.

Can people from outside of South Australia submit an idea?

Yes, but you must be a resident of Australia.

I don’t have an ABN. Can I still submit an idea?

Yes. But you must have an ABN to receive a prize.

I'm not from an organisation, can I still submit an idea?

Yes, individuals can submit ideas.

I'm from an organisation, can I submit an idea?

Yes, but you need the approval of the responsible officer of the organisation.

I have an initiative that has already been launched and is currently operational but uses sharing economy principles. Can I participate in the challenge?
No. To be eligibile to participate, your idea must be new and must not be operational. If you have an idea that you have already developed, it must be in pre-commercialisation stage only.

Submitting your ideas

How do I submit my idea?

You must address all the mandatory questions in the submission form.

There is also the opportunity to upload up to five documents to support your submission. This may include diagrams or images that better demonstrate your idea.

How long is the submission period?

The submission period runs until 5pm Tuesday 13 June 2017. Submissions will only be accepted if received by this time.

When do submissions close?

Submissions close at 5pm on Tuesday 13 June 2017, Australian Central Standard Time.

What happens after I submit my idea?

The Government of South Australia will determine its eligibility. Your idea will then be assessed by a panel of judges against the merit criteria and you will be advised of the outcome of this process.

If selected as a finalist you will be required to enter into an agreement with the Government of South Australia to receive prize money and mentoring support.

From June to September, you will be supported to progress your idea through the incubation process. In October, you will compete for additional prizes by pitching your idea.


Who is judging the ideas?

An independent panel of judges will select the best ideas as finalists. 

How will ideas be assessed?

The judges will assess the ideas against the merit criteria.


Does my idea have to be original?

Yes, all ideas must be an original work of the entrant, who must have all necessary rights to submit the idea. 

Protecting your Intellectual Property (IP)

How can you protect your intellectual property?

There are a few tips that you should consider to protect your intellectual property. Make sure you assess your risks and develop an IP strategy before you submit your idea. The Intellectual Property Australia (IPA) website provides a wealth of information on how to better protect your IP.

The Prizes

What is the prize?

Refer to the prize page for information on the prizes.

How does the incubation period work?

Finalists will be paired up with mentors, who will assist in the the further development of the idea and help the finalists to prepare for the final pitch event at Open State.