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Ripe Near Me is an online platform designed by Adelaideans Alastair and Helen Martin that makes it easy to find, share, swap, buy and sell local and home-grown foods. 

The Martins thought about the idea when they were returning from the supermarket after having bought some citrus and saw orange and mandarin trees full of fruit in backyards on the way home. They realised how much produce, often locked up in backyards, goes to waste whilst lots of locals buy the same produce that is often transported across country or stored for months in cold-stores, therefore contributing to our country’s carbon footprint.

A grower using the platform lists their produce, specifying whether it’s ripe or growing, whether it’s being grown on public or private land, how much they’re selling it for and, most importantly, where they’re selling it or giving it away. They can also add photos to a listing if they wish. A consumer can then search for produce by price or for growers in their local area. If a grower lists something as growing, the consumer can subscribe to that produce and be notified when it’s ready for picking. Transactions are handled offline.

Fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste is traded, swapped or given away.

For more info visit ripenear.me.