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Renew Adelaide is the South Australian version of the Renew Newcastle project, a not-for-profit enterprise which allows cultural and community organisations to occupy empty buildings.  Renew Adelaide was set up by volunteers in 2010 with the goal of helping to connect entrepreneurs, often in creative fields, with commercial property owners with unused or under-utilised spaces.
Renew Adelaide plays a key role in managing the ‘red tape’ involved in starting up a business and helps to make sure the sites are ready for occupation.

Renew Adelaide believes that nobody benefits from empty shops, unused buildings or vacant streets. With Renew Adelaide, small businesses can test their business model for free during a period of time whilst property owners benefit from a re-activated space, additional  foot traffic and interest to their sites, and possibly a longer-term commercial lease with the tenant.

Renew Adelaide manages a database of empty commercial buildings and spaces. Business start-ups apply to use space on the list.

It uses otherwise empty commercial space by matching people with a ‘need’ (business start-ups) with those with a ‘have’ (commercial property owners).

For more info visit /renewadelaide.com.au