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AGL is building the world’s largest virtual power plant of its kind, which once completed will be made up of 1,000 connected batteries. It’s one of the latest innovations in solar energy. The virtual power plant is a collection of individual batteries that are managed as a group to help power households and support the grid.

AGL’s virtual power plant helps people save on energy bills by actively managing their batteries. And by using more renewable energy their homes, home owners will also help the electricity grid handle periods of instability.

The battery stores excess solar energy produced by each household system, to use when is most needed. This helps households to use more of their own solar energy and less from the grid. The virtual power plant then uses the solar energy stored in batteries benefiting the household owner and the community to help support the power grid during peak usage times.

Sometimes, the virtual power plant will help support the electricity grid when it needs it, by discharging a household’s battery to power their home or any of the other households within the community. If the battery discharges more solar energy than members of the household can use at the time, that energy may be exported to the grid.

For more info visit aglsolar.com.au/power-in-numbers.