Car next door

Car Next Door connects individuals wanting to rent their vehicles on an hourly or daily basis to other trusted registered users of the service. Since their first booking at Christmas 2012, the business has grown to 16,000 approved borrowers and 430 cars in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle and has plans to expand to 10,000 vehicles by 2020.

Trx port

The Room Xchange is a mid to long-term accommodation platform connecting households who have a spare room with Guests who are willing to give a couple of hours of help around the house each day in exchange for food and accommodation.

Rural network

The Rural Network is an online jobs board linking rural Australians with small jobs that need to be done with people from their local communities with the capacity to do the task. Tasks can be paid or voluntary, from farm work through to building and website design, one-off to longer term.

Go get

GoGet is one of the biggest car-sharing organisations in Australia. It started in 2003 among neighbours and has since grown to a fleet of more than 2000 cars in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Test kitchen

Test Kitchen is a start-up social enterprise whose goal is to improve the scale and quality of social eating experiences for older people.

Dream lab

The DreamLab app uses people’s mobile phone’s processing power to speed up cancer research whenever the phone is not in use – for example while the owner is asleep.

Ripe near me

Ripe Near me is an online platform designed by Adelaideans Alastair and Helen Martin that makes it easy to find, share, swap, buy and sell local and home-grown foods.

Renew adelaide

With Renew Adelaide, small businesses can test their business model for free during a period of time whilst property owners benefit from a re-activated space, additional foot traffic and interest to their sites, and possibly a longer-term commercial lease with the tenant.

Park hound

Parkhound is an app-based service that allows owners hire out their driveways, garages or other parking space when they are not using it to other motorists.

Oz harvest

OzHarvest rescues excess food which would otherwise be discarded and distributes the food to charities supporting the vulnerable in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Agl solar

AGL is building the world’s largest virtual power plant of its kind, which once completed will be made up of 1,000 connected batteries. It’s one of the latest innovations in solar energy. The virtual power plant is a collection of individual batteries that are managed as a group to help power households and support the grid.

Open shed

Open Shed allows Australians to rent, all kinds of handy goods – whether they’re household tools, camping gear, electronics or anything in between. The peer-to-peer rental site recently partnered with OzHarvest and launched a donate-to-charity feature enabling people to donate a percentage or all of their rental fee to charity.

Mad paws

Mad Paws is a Sydney-based start-up that was created to fill in the need for affordable, local pet accommodation whilst maintaining the care, love, and attention pets receive at high-end, exclusive pet boarding services.