No shame! towards a cooperative economy in this podcast Pia Mancini, a visionary democracy activist who co-founded the Net Party in Argentina and DemocracyOS, joins Douglas Rushkoff to talk about her new project Open Collective. She explains how Open Collective signals a future where transparent, collective partnerships might foster new models of democratic participation and exchange of resources.

Airbnb: why tourists choose it and how they use it: this study investigates why people choose Airbnb over traditional lodging options and how they use the peer-to-peer accommodation service.

Short changing New York City: The impact of Airbnb on New York City's housing market: Using Airbnb's occupancy data, this study suggests the platform has contributed to lower vacancies and higher prices in New York City's rental market.

How Uber, Etsy and Airbnb attracted their first 1,000 customers - A Harvard Business School article that explores three of the most successful platform”startups to understand the chicken-and-egg challenge of how companies can attract their first customers.

Building a sharing economy take more than just a smartphone - An interesting look at the human aspects of the sharing economy.

Review of the Collaborative Economy in NSW - A 2015 report, commissioned by the NSW Government, that explores the state of the collaborative economy and its value.

The Sharing Economy and Tax - A helpful guide to the tax implications of operating in the sharing economy.

The New Industrial Economy - A thought piece drawing on the work of leading thinkers and doers from around the world, to spark debate on how we understand collaborative industries in the 21st century.

Sharing leaders predict collaborative consumption trends in 2017 - Leading sharing economy entrepreneurs share their thoughts on industry trends.

Five exciting startup trends to watch in 2017 - Not all five are sharing economy trends, but this article from StartUp Smart explores new trends in the entrpreneurial space

Six key trends for the sharing economy in Australia in 2016 - Yes we know it's 2017 already, but this article from last year by Michael Rosenbaum, founder and CEO of Spacer, provides insights into sharing economy trends.



The Circular Economy is 'an alternative to the wasteful traditional ‘linear’ economy based on ‘take, make, use and dispose’. It's a self-sustaining system driven by renewable energy with an imperative to keep material resources in use, or ‘circulating’ for as long as possible'.

The sharing economy and the circular economy complement each other. They have commonalities but are not the same. The circular economy refers more to reusing raw materials before the final product is produced. The sharing economy relates more to how we use this final product applying sharing economy principles.

Check out the Green Industries SA website for great resources on the Circular Economy, including a report released by the Premier Jay Weatherill on May 26. 

Collaborative Consumption -This site is an archive of tweeting, curating research in the Collaborative Economy Library, and articles on

Shareable - News and helpful information about the state of the collaborative economy.

Nesta - this site explores various innovative topics, including the sharing economy, what it is and what it offers.

Rachael Botsman - Rachael is a recognised global authority on a new era of trust. In her first highly acclaimed book, What 's mine is Yours, she defined the theory of collaborative consumption. The site provides an insightful collection of articles and ideas on the collaborative or sharing economy.