The People's Choice Prize will be decided during the Final Pitch and Prize Ceremony, on Thursday 5 October. Register to attend the event and take part in deciding who wins the People's Choice Prize here. Vote by clicking on the links below. You'll need to log in or create a YourSAy account to take part.

  • Kindershare lets parents earn money by renting out their unused children's equipment. 
  • Spacetoco is all about connecting people who have space, to people who need space. 
  • Red Centre Enterprises will create native food products from materials that are either discarded or sold for negligible value.  
  • Connecting Up to Shared Assets is an online platform to help organisations in the disability sector share transport vehicles.
  • Our Place enables people 50+ to find their best compatible housemate. 


(Only valid votes submitted during the specified voting period during Final Pitch and Prize Ceremony will contribute to deciding the People' Choice Prize.)